Our Partners

controlGen partners with companies that can provide immediate value to our customers or that provide tools to us that allow us to provide immediate value to our customers.

We commit to those partners and work closely to be achieve any available certifications. Finally, when it makes sense for our business, we use the products.


We really like WPMUDEV. They have a fantastic set of premium plug-ins to really optimize a site and we use them on every single site we build or maintain. Also, we love where they’ve gone (so far) with their Hosting service; it keeps getting better. Oh, and their support is awesome.


We recommend Termageddon to all our clients. They do the hard work of evaluating privacy laws world-wide to keep the policies on your website current and protecting you.

Hike SEO Logo

You’ve been getting a little traction with your site. Now, you want to get serious about search engine optimization. We use Hike. You can sign up for your own account, or contact us to help set it up for you. In addition to guidance on the “next most important thing to do” on your SEO, there’s an excellent add-in for driving LOCAL results.