controlGen is a boutique consulting firm focused on helping small- to mid-sized businesses improve their digital presence. We deliver high-value, technology solutions and support to help improve your business.


Here’s the way we look at it: technology should be an enabler. Chances are, if you’re working on solving some technical problem, you’re not working on things that could really be advancing your business. In all our exchanges, our first thoughts are always, “Is this the highest and best use of YOUR time?” and “What can we do to get you back to building your business as quickly as possible?”

Oh, and when you call, we’ll pick up the phone. If you don’t want to talk, we’re on email pretty much all the time. In a pinch, we’ve got that little chat widget in the lower right corner, too.

WordPress Site Hosting

We will host and maintain your site. You’ll get regular reporting on status, up-time monitoring, security, and a nice dashboard so you can keep an eye on your Google Analytics without getting overwhelmed. Separately, we’ll track how you’re ranking compared to your competitors in search results and tell you how to improve. We’ll also position you to drive more traffic to your site through focused SEO and targeted ad campaigns. All for a flat monthly rate.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll work with you to create a focused SEO campaign that will drive a 50-100% increase in the organic traffic coming to your site. These run a minimum of three (3) months and are set up with a flat monthly fee during the campaign. A lot of this is foundational work on your digital presence; optimizing your site, defining keywords, and editing existing content to highlight that content. It’s not very expensive to get started and you’ll have real, measurable results by the end of the campaign.

Targeted Advertising

We will work with you to build and deliver ads to specific companies. When their users are on the web at work, we’ll put your advertising copy on their screens. Creepy? A little bit. Effective? You bet.

You’ll get regular reporting on performance and your dashboard will tell you how it’s going. We set daily and monthly budgets and once we hit them, we’ll stop serving ads so you won’t go over.

Technology Consulting

We have deep experience with technology and have spent years working with business people across the tech spectrum. From international implementations to teaching tree trimmers to use PCs. We’ve done it. Frankly, it’s unlikely that you’ve got a technology problem we haven’t seen. And, if we can’t solve it, I can guarantee you we know someone that can.

Finally (and this will sound like heresy to some of my peers), technology doesn’t solve every problem. Sometimes it’s just a process improvement. We can help with that, too.


Jack Lavender

Founder, Principal Consultant

Mr. Lavender is an experienced professional with a deep understanding of business process and technology and the interplay between the two. Accomplished at managing and expanding long-term client relationships. Skills range from strategic business, operations, and technology planning through design to implementation of technology across the enterprise. Talented manager, motivator, organizer and team builder in environments ranging from large, multi-national firms to start-ups. Significant wireless and mobile experience.

Specialties: Application of technology to solve business problems and improve profitability. Taking action to make positive changes. Talented motivator, organizer and team builder.

In addition to having started and sold two companies, Mr. Lavender also acts as a Mentor for the CleanTech Open, the world’s oldest and largest clean-tech startup accelerator, and sits on the board of Surrey Services, a non-profit organization that helps older adults to live with independence and dignity and to continue as active members of our community.


Web site design, build, host, and maintain

We build and maintain WordPress-based web sites. As part of our overall service, we also host sites, provide search engine optimization guidance, and monitor performance and uptime. Here are some links to sites we’ve built and continue to maintain and host: Broderick Associates, Rentricity, Porto Leone Consulting, Neopolitan Delicatessen, TEAMology.

CRM Integration and On-boarding

Our client, a SaaS provider, had a substantial backlog of customers because they lacked a standardized process for on-boarding. We designed and implemented procedures, integrated with their CRM, that cleared the backlog. In addition, many of the procedures were automated which reduced the on-boarding time from six weeks to six days.

Development of on-line training courses

Our client has been providing on-site training programs for major banks for over 40 years. They were recently approached about delivering some of their material electronically. We evaluated multiple, on-line tools and made a final recommendation. Upon selection, we converted three of the printed courses (several hundred pages of material) into an on-line format with a web front-end and full course management. Final review of all materials is underway and official launch is slated for Q3-2017.

CRM Implementation

Our client, a mobile hardware and applications company, was working from spreadsheets of contact lists. We consolidated all the data, implemented a new, low-cost CRM, and created standardized sales processes.


#3 SEO isn’t hard

I'm not going to lie: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't that hard. Don't get me wrong, it's time-consuming and can be tedious, but it's not hard. It starts with a solid technical underpinning. If your site isn't secure, has mixed content (secure and...

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#2 Breaking up is hard to do

I've been involved in starting (and later selling) two companies. And I've done business with scores of others. Break-ups happen and they're often uncomfortable. They aren't always, but that's the way to bet. Years ago, I had an associate tell me that it...

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#1 Organizational Barriers

I do a lot of work with small companies. These are the ones that have 8-20 employees. In many cases, they can't advance their overall strategy because they've come up against organizational barriers. Barriers that can be reduced or eliminated, but the...

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#0 General notes about this site

This site covers things that are of interest to me and that will help others understand more about how controlGen can help; including the breadth of our offerings. First, I love the English language, and there are some things that I try not to do. I don't add extra...

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Many people listen with the intent to respond, not understand




– Steven Covey

You can never take credit. You can only be given credit.



– Jack Lavender

The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first



– Amy Poehler

You can’t move mountains by whispering at them


– Pink

Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.


– Sir Richard Branson

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– John Quincy Adams

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– Benjamin Franklin

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– Warren Buffett

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– Mark Twain

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