This site covers things that are of interest to me and that will help others understand more about how controlGen can help; including the breadth of our offerings.

First, I love the English language, and there are some things that I try not to do. I don’t add extra words to make things politically correct. For example, I’m not going to include things like, “his or hers” or use funky constructs like “s/he”. Sometimes I use the masculine, sometimes the feminine. It’s mostly a function of how much coffee I’ve had before I start writing.

Second, I try to compartmentalize my social media. While there is a link to my Twitter feed, you’ll find that most of that is focused on renewable energy, the environment, and clean tech. On Linked In, I keep it strictly business. I’ve got Instagram and Facebook accounts, but I don’t bring those to this site. If you’re bored, you can find both of them with some pretty casual searching. You’ll quickly discover that they are mostly pictures of my kids and dogs, some high school and college friends, and an occasional political debate. <yawn>