I’m not going to lie: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn’t that hard. Don’t get me wrong, it’s time-consuming and can be tedious, but it’s not hard.

It starts with a solid technical underpinning. If your site isn’t secure, has mixed content (secure and insecure), has broken links, a broken site map, missing robots.txt file, or any of about 50, basic technical problems, you’ll never rank well. Fortunately, these are pretty easy things to identify and can often be fixed quickly. We use a combination of tools from SEMRush to handle that.

The second part is typically referred to as “On-page SEO”. This involves setting Titles and Headers correctly on each page, having well-written meta-descriptions (page summaries), and focusing effort on getting solid back-links (links from other pages to you). To help with this, we enlist SEMRush (again) and a couple WordPress plugins from WPMUDEV (huge fan of these folks).

The final part is, arguably, the part that people might call “hard”. You need new, relevant, content on a regular basis. Better content yields better search results. If you post regularly, you’ll get indexed more frequently, and you’ll start to pick up an aura of “authority”. The truth is that you live your job every day and if you take 30-40 minutes every week to share something you’ve learned, you’ll be ahead of most of the pack. We can help with this, but it’s really on you.

Bottom line is that we can keep your WordPress site tight and optimized, but the content has to come from you.