One of the trickier bits about SEO is that it isn’t just about your content and your site. As you’re crafting your message, you need to think about “search intent”. You have to ask yourself what someone else would be searching for when you want them to find your site.

If you have a restaurant, you would certainly put your menu on your site. However, if someone is searching for something like, “I’m hungry”, would they find you? Do you have words like, “hungry” or “food” or “eat” on your site? You might not; especially if you’re one of those cool hipster joints.

Finding ways to include your keywords in your content is critical. Further, you want to make sure that those keywords are highlighted in different ways. You can make them bold or italic. If they are important enough, make them a Header (H1 – H6). If you really want to make a point, include them as words in your URLs. Finally, don’t overlook your meta description. I can’t count the number of times I’ve reviewed a web site where the content is good, but someone hasn’t included the meta description.

Naturally, this is something we can help you do.